Applying for a job

Scam alert

Scam alert

Please be alerted that at the moment a recruitment scam involving Novo Nordisk is circulating. The scam involves recruiters on LinkedIn, pretending to be Novo Nordisk employees; headhunting candidates, asking for CVs and other personal information. The scam includes redirecting candidates to a travel agency for booking and payment for a trip to Novo Nordisk HQ in order to take part in an interview. This communication is not coming from Novo Nordisk, we encourage people to stay alert and not respond to these queries.

Chris Sumter, Novo Nordisk US

Chris Sumter, Novo Nordisk US

What if the right job is not?currently available??

If we are not currently?hiring for positions relevant to you, you can sign up for?our ?Job Agent. ?When relevant positions?that fit your profile become?available, we will let you know.??

Wu Wei and Kasper Roseeuw, Novo Nordisk China

Wu Wei and Kasper Roseeuw, Novo Nordisk China

Before you apply

If you are ready to apply for a position, please create a candidate profile. Creating a profile is easy and can be done?before or after you?find a?position that is right for you.?You can view your application on your candidate profile.

Don't miss a career opportunity!

If we don’t have an open position that's right for you, hang in there. When one opens up, we will let you know!


People often ask us

Once you have applied to a position you can follow the status of the recruitment process by signing into your profile and selecting the Jobs Applied accordion.

To access your profile outside of the application process you will need to select?a?position on the website and click?Apply?now.? Once you click?Apply?now?you will be routed to the position page where you can select?View Profile?from the top menu bar, sign in?and open the?Jobs Applied?accordion.?

After you sign in you will be able to view the position(s)?to which you have applied, view your application(s)?and the status of your application(s).??

Yes, you can edit your resume that sits on your profile as long as your profile remains active in the system.

After your log into your profile you will be taken to the candidate profile screen where you can select?My Documents.

Here you can upload from a device, drop box or google drive.? Note, you can only maintain one resume on file at a time.

Once you have applied for a position at Novo Nordisk you will receive an automated communication informing you that your application has been received.

Talent Acquisition will review your resume and interest in conjunction with the requirements of the role.? If there is interest in having you move forward in the process you will be contacted by a Novo Nordisk Talent Acquisition Representative regarding next steps.?

As a reminder, you can always view the status of your application by navigating to?View Profile?and selecting?Jobs Applied.??

Talent Acquisition communicates with candidates at various phases of the recruitment lifecycle. In most cases the candidate at a minimum will receive an email regarding their application.

You can always view your application status once you log into the system and select?View Profile?and by selecting?Jobs Applied.