Meet Mike

Mike Gri, IT Business Systems

Whether it’s taking on new projects, travelling for business, or earning new designations at Novo Nordisk, Mike Gri is always eager for a new challenge. Working at Novo Nordisk has given Mike the opportunity to be part of a supportive environment where everyone’s ideas are included.

Before arriving, Mike worked for other companies but the work was not as interesting as he found at Novo Nordisk. “I’ve typically worked for 3-4 years at a company and then have moved on. I’ve been here for more than 11 years and I’m very happy as I have been able to continually work on the implementation of many innovative systems for different areas of the business. I’ve also had opportunities to coach others to succeed in their work which I really enjoy,” says Mike. Since joining Novo Nordisk as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) technology specialist in 2007 through a referral, Mike has taken on increased responsibilities within the company that has provided him with plenty of opportunities for professional growth.

Although Mike works hard to improve the health of others he also focuses on his own health. He rides his bike to/from work and schedules exercise time into his working day by lifting weights in the fitness centre at Novo Nordisk’s head office. “Feeling great is important to me,” says Mike. “The workouts also help me stay motivated at work and perform at my best; there are lots of opportunities at work for me to stay healthy and my colleagues are very supportive as we work out together and have formed running groups.”