Meet Glenda

Glenda Fernandez, Quality Assurance

Glenda Fernandez has the distinction of being Novo Nordisk Canada’s longest standing employee. She joined the company 34 years ago as a lab technician, held various progressively responsible positions over the years, and is now a Quality Assurance Lead.

“When you are passionate about your work, time moves quickly.” says Glenda. “As I approach 35 years in the industry and company, I am very proud to be part of a company that is innovative and keeps patients’ needs to the forefront. It’s reassuring to know that Novo Nordisk will go the extra mile to ensure that patient experiences are as painless as possible.”

After graduating college, Glenda began her career with Novo Nordisk as a lab technician, working her way to a Quality Assurance Lead position. In this position, Glenda plays a key role in maintaining GMPs ensuring patient care is the number one priority. “I remember the company being so small and we’ve grown tremendously to where we’re at today. With this significant growth, it’s great to see that the team atmosphere has kept growing as well. Working with all departments locally and globally has provided me with a greater insight in what it takes to make a great company. I am proud to be part of the team!”

Glenda was honoured with two celebrations for her years of service to the company. A dinner was held in her honour which featured a surprise guest by a Neil Diamond impersonator. “He’s one of my favourite singers, so it was really special to have ‘Sweet Caroline’ sung to me.” She was also acknowledged at the company’s National Sales meeting. The day began when company president Vince Lamanna asked her to read the Novo Nordisk mission statement to the entire audience. “The effort that was put towards making this a special day for me, touched my heart,” says Glenda.