Meet Enrico

Enrico Ca?al Bruland, Brand Manager

Growing up in Germany with Spanish roots, Enrico Ca?al Bruland always had a passion to explore the world and working at Novo Nordisk has allowed him to combine his love for culture with his career by working at four Novo Nordisk offices around the world.

Enrico first got introduced to Novo Nordisk through a study program at school in Copenhagen and later started working at Novo Nordisk in Switzerland. He then worked in Germany and Denmark before coming to Canada in 2012. He came on an extended business trip to work on a five month assignment and then move back to Denmark but the Canadian office was looking for a new brand manager so he was offered the position and relocated.

“The culture is pretty strong at all Novo Nordisk offices,” says Enrico. “Of course every office has things that they do differently but the ‘Novo Nordisk Way’ is everywhere. You can learn so much from a professional and personal perspective there’s different leadership styles, backgrounds, and you gain a better understanding of the world and yourself.”

Since relocating to Canada, Enrico has made a positive impact by developing a partnership program with Ivey Business School, the only university in Canada that offers the The Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS) program. As alumni in the CEMS community, he also serves as a mentor to CEMS students across the globe.

“Novo Nordisk shows that it’s supportive of young people who are passionate about the business and the triple bottom line philosophy (which encompasses social responsibility, environmental soundness and economic viability).”

Since joining the Canadian office full-time, Enrico has moved into a leadership role and expanded his family here.