Olivia Aka is enrolled in our Changing Diabetes? in Children programme, Ivory Coast

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Defeat diabetes

Defeating diabetes is our main social responsibility

Olivia Aka is enrolled in our Changing Diabetes? in Children programme, Ivory Coast

Defeat diabetes

Our social responsibility strategy introduces new long-term ambitions in three areas critical to helping improve individual and public health:

  • Preventing the rise of type 2 diabetes and obesity.
  • Providing access to affordable care for vulnerable patients in every country.
  • Driving innovation to improve lives.?

Today, one in every 11 people in the world has diabetes, a figure that is projected to rise to one in nine by 2045 if action is not taken.

Diabetes places a great burden on health systems, and we are committed to work with health authorities and other partners in the countries where we operate, to prevent and treat the disease.? ?

The first steps in our strategy to defeat diabetes

Each step makes a life-changing difference

No child should die from type 1 diabetes?

We are expanding our Changing Diabetes??in Children programme to reach 100,000 children by 2030. Already,?our programme has helped?more than 25,000 children with type 1 diabetes get access to medical care and life-saving medicine in low-resource settings.

Affordable human insulin in low- and middle-income countries

We are reducing the ceiling price of human insulin from USD 4 to USD 3 per vial in 76 low- and middle-income countries. This is a vital expansion of our?Access to Insulin Commitment?to strengthen our efforts to?reach?the most vulnerable people?with low-cost insulin.

Improved care for vulnerable populations

We are extending our?Partnering for Change programme?with the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Danish Red Cross until 2023. Additionally we are supporting with a donation of DKK 15 million to the programme.?Through our joint efforts,?the programme helps the most vulnerable patient groups during humanitarian crises.

Our efforts to defeat diabetes

Crowd in the city walking around.

Preventing type 2 diabetes in cities ?

With nearly two-thirds of all people with diabetes living in?urban areas, cities are an important focal point for tackling the?problem. We are collaborating with more than 25 cities to tackle?the rise of type 2 diabetes in urban environments.?

Kids and a woman in Bangalore, India, sat down.

Providing care for children with type 1 diabetes

Our Changing Diabetes? in Children programme ensures care and life-saving insulin for children with type 1 diabetes in low- and middle-income countries. Working together with partner organisations, we have established 208 clinics in 14 countries.

Stairs inside a train station

Working in partnership with UNICEF ?

Globally, 40 million children under the age of five are overweight putting many young people at risk of early onset of type 2 diabetes. Together with UNICEF, we are working?to help prevent childhood overweight and obesity and help support actions that make a difference.