Our Ambitions

Building on our achievements of treating hemophilia with inhibitors, we aim to be a trusted leader in hemophilia. Novo Nordisk has an industry-leading pipeline portfolio, addressing the many faces of hemophilia and with the potential to innovate the treatment options.

We recognize however that the medical products are only part of the response to hemophilia and our broader commitment to the hemophilia community is vital to realizing our ambitions.

To make our vision a reality, and improve outcomes for all people with hemophilia, three core ambitions need to be realized.

Strengthen understanding of hemophilia in the broader society

Working with representatives from across the hemophilia community we are continuously strengthening understanding. This has resulted in an initiative launched in 2010. This largest multi-country psychosocial survey conducted to date in hemophilia,?HERO?(Hemophilia Experiences, Results and Opportunities) provides evidence of what it is like to live with hemophilia. Novo Nordisk is furthermore also an active partner on?World Hemophilia Day.

Improve access to diagnosis, care and treatment

We work to improve access to diagnosis, care and treatment primarily through our commitment to the?Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Foundation, established in 2005, focusing on capacity building, awareness creation as well as improving diagnosis and registries. The Foundation has an impact around the world supporting healthcare professionals and reaching out to people with hemophilia and allied bleeding disorders, their family members and other community members.? ??

Advance treatment and care through innovation

Finally, we collaborate with patient and medical organizations around the world to advance treatment and care through innovation supporting education and advocacy and the development of new thinking. As an example, our?Access to Insight program?supports global hemostasis research with grants, scholarships and awards.? ??