Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Foundation (NNHF)

Hemophilia challenges – one planet, different worlds

With proper diagnosis and care hemophilia and allied bleeding disorders are treatable. People can lead normal lives and have a near-normal life expectancy. This is not the situation everywhere, particularly in the developing world, where 75% of the global patient population lives, many patients remain undiagnosed or do not receive adequate treatment.

Committed to bridging the gap

To address these challenges, the Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Foundation (NNHF) was created in 2005, in Zürich, Switzerland, as a non-profit organization to improve access to care for people with hemophilia and allied bleeding disorders. It was established by Novo Nordisk due to its commitment to corporate social responsibility.?Novo Nordisk supports the NNHF through annual donations.

Local impact, global knowledge sharing

Together with local project partners, the NNHF is dedicated to define and fund sustainable programmes that improve access to care and benefit people with hemophilia and allied bleeding disorders in the developing world.

“At the Foundation, we are driven by our goal to improve access to care for people with hemophilia and allied bleeding disorders.? Our approach utilizes the development of partnerships with hemophilia communities on a local level, to ensure that programs have local impact, even after NNHF funding ends.”? ??

Dr. Amy Shapiro, Medical Director, Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center and NNHF Council Member? ??

The local community members with whom NNHF collaborates include internationally renowned experts, practitioners and patients.

To-date, the NNHF has supported development programs in more than 40 countries across the world.

The three focus areas for NNHF development programs are:

1. Capacity building
2. Diagnosis and registry
3. Education and awareness

The NNHF’s approach is to work closely with local partners to ensure its programs are tailored to the needs of local hemophilia communities in each country. The NNHF works towards providing knowledge sharing platforms so that partners from across the globe can share their experiences and best practice.

The NNHF currently funds three types of development programs:?projects, fellowships?and?awards.

For more information about the Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Foundation, including details of how to apply for funding, please visit?